MediaClone, Inc.

Designs, Manufacturer, and Sales of the SuperImager® Plus Line of Products

Extreme Performing Digital Forensic Platforms

All Made in the USA, TAA Approved

SuperImager® Plus is a Complete Digital Forensic Investigation Solutions - From Extreme Performing Forensic Data Capture, to a Full Forensic Analysis

Extreme performing hardware platforms for parallel and simultaneous computer forensic multiple drive imaging and data capture, data extraction from cellphones and tablets, and forensic data analysis—for field and lab use.

MediaClone SuperImager Plus Line of Products, Forensic Imaging Device and Investigation Platforms

Forensic Imaging and data capture

Robust Hardware:

Our products are built with the latest generation of i7/i9 CPU with 12 cores, 20 hyper-threading, and 5GHz, which enhanced the product performances. Capture SATA SSD up to 32GB/min, Capture NVMe SSD up to 180GB/min, read from NVMe SSD up to 200GB/min. Also, built-in extremely fast "Write-Blocking" hardware for “safe” data acquisition.

SuperImager High Speed Calculation HASH on NVMe SSD

Durable Design:

All our products are built with metallic material for EMI shielding. Also designed with drive slots and open caddies for easy plugging and better ventilation of Suspect and Evidence drives.

SuperImager Durable Design

Native Thunderbolt 4.0 port:

Some of our products have Thunderbolt 4.0 port with a high bandwidth expansion port (40Giagbit/s) enable the products to support many storage interfaces, including legacy storage (FC, SCSI) and connection to a 10GbE network for fast image uploads.

Native Extreme fast Thunderbolt 4.0 ports

Native 10GbE port:

Some of our products have Native 10GbE port enable the user to connect to a fast network for fast captured images. Like the SuperImager® Plus 15” Complete Portable Rugged Forensic lab on the go.

SuperImager Plus with native 10GbE port

Native U.2 NVMe ports:

Some of our products has U.2 native NVMe port supporting U.2 M.2 and PCIe NVMe SSD running at full bandwidth and amazing performances of up to 200GB/Min.

Native U.2 ports

Supports Many Storage interfaces:

Our products are built with storage controllers that support capture from many types of digital media storage such as IDE, SAS, SATA, USB, NVMe, 1394, SCSI, FC, TB, and NAS, all using one unit. As a result, a forensic investigator can be ready to tackle data capture from any digital storage types he/she might encounter in the field.

SuperImager Plus units support many storage interfaces

Parallel Imaging:

We @ MediaClone invented the Parallel Independent Simultaneous Multiple Forensic Imaging Sessions. It is where the user can run many sessions of forensic imaging with no limitation on the number of sessions and with little speed degradation. It can save the user a crucial time when running an undercover operation.

  • Imaging speed can reach 32GB/min for SAS/SATA and 180GB/min for NVMe SSD.
  • Imaging Type: Mirror, E01/Ex01 with compression, DD, Mix DD/E01, L01, and AFF4.
  • Triage Copy of Files and Folders, Run Simultaneous Logical Extraction from multiple: Cellphones, HDD, RAID, and Netowork.
  • Virtual Drive Emulator and copy vital files.
  • Encryption on the fly.
  • Keyword Search while the data capture or before the capture.
  • Extreme speed with simultaneous multi session of Forensic Imaging

    The product’ port function and role:

    We also invent the idea that allows the user to change the “role” of the product's "Evidence"/Target port to be “Suspect/Source that enable the user to run simultaneously multiple sessions of forensic imaging, which gives the user the max flexibility using the products.

    Every Target port can reassigned to be source port

    The SuperImager® application is designed with an intuitive user interface:

    The SuperImager® application is designed with a user interface that is very easy to use, designed with large touchscreen icons, needs minimum training, and can be used with low-cost labor, saving time and monies.

    SuperImager Plus Main Application Screen

    The SuperImager® application is optimized for the product’ robust hardware:

    Our product’s built-in application is optimized for using the product with a multi-core CPU.

    Reliability with products that Last for Years:

    Our products are built with high-quality components and power supply that last for many years.

    Economic Solution

    Lifetime free Software updates and our product that does not require any yearly renewal of software licenses.

    Full Forensic Suite

    In One Imaging Session:

    In one session of forensic imaging, the user can include up to 4 HASH engines, encryption, E01 compression, and keyword search all on the fly.

    Data Capture Methods:

    Many different data capture and imaging methods: Bit by bit imaging, network capture of files, DD capture, E01/Ex01, mix capture of E01/DD, Triage of files and folders, and more - all saved to many storage destinations (drive, NAS, Encrypted storages..).

    Smartphone Logical Extraction:

    Perform multiple simultaneous logical data extraction from smartphones (Android and iPhone) using the file and folders capture method and immediately view the content of the suspect' cellphones.

    BAD Sectores Handeling:

    Drives with bad sectors (Data Recovery Function): The SuperImager application has an extensive built-in mechanism to extract as much data as possible from bad, unreadable sectors. That if the drive is readable by the OS. In this case, pulling info from bad sectors is a tradeoff between extracting every bit of data and the extraction time. For field operations, when time is crucial, skipping those bad sectors can save tremendous, valuable critical time. For advanced use and for more balancing between extracting time and extracting data, the SuperImager unit supports the Linux R2 Studio Forensic suite, considered one of the best tools for data recovery. Accessing the drive's f/w with some special data recovery hardware tools is part of the past. For next-generation/new hard disk drives, those special areas are encrypted, and those special tools will not work!

    Remote Capture

    Remote Capture from un-opened laptops like laptops with intel based CPU or Macbooks with M1/M2 CPU. Also capture data from Mac with T1/T2 CPU in target mode.


    Powerful tool allows the user to controller the unit from remote and capture and upload Forensic images directly to analysis application.

    The product as a platform

    Preview the data:

    Using Virtual drive Emulator (free on all our products), Ubuntu free viewing tools, and Windows free viewing tools to view the Suspect data.

    Phyiscal Data Extraction from cellphones and tablets:

    Using third-party applications like Cellebrite, OXygen, MSAB that can be installed and used on the SuperImager® Products (Windows) to do smartphone and tablet data extraction.

    Full Forensic Analysis:

    Using third-party applications like Encase, Axiom, Nuix that can be installed and used on the SuperImager® Products (Windows) with strong performing hardware to run a full Forensic analysis.

    RAID automatic detection and reconstruction

    The SuperImager application supports automatic detection and reconstructions of many RAID systems (software- DDF, mdadm) and hardware RAID controllers such LSI, HP, DELL, Highpoint and more. In addition, with the use of free third-party applications running on the Ubuntu/Windows OS, to perform RAID reconstruction of the captured images of the individual RAID drives.

    Cloud capture:

    Using Insync application (paid services) on the Linux side, the user can sync to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud, and other cloud storage to capture the data.

    Network Packet Signals Analysis:

    Using Wireshark application (paid services) the user can capture and analysis network packets.

    Triage Capture and Analysis:

    Using third-party applications like ADF, IOSForensic, Axiom that can be installed and used on the SuperImager® Products (Windows) with strong performing hardware to run a quick triage capture and analysis.

    Why use us?

    SuperImager Desktop Lab units

    We use the best hardware with the latest technologies to build our products compared to some competitors that are using low-cost embedded solutions

    We offer a versatile line of products with many choices for the user to select from

    Our product is built with flexibility in such a way that it is an easy adaptation of new technologies.

    We offer the best technical support with fast response for product assistance, bug fixes, and application enhancements.

    We are located in CA – USA, which is a huge advantage in local support.

    One-stop shop – We design, build, and support both of our product hardware and the forensic application

    Our product has been approved and used by the USA government for a long time.

    Our product does last forever; most of our products have been used for over 10 years with no break.

    Example of a detailed of Forensic Imaging session of a drive with many bad sectors

    bad sectors handeling
    Some of the Digital Forensic Lab units with many ports, expansion ports and great connectivity:
    SuperImager Plus Desktop XL Supreme