SuperImager Plus Desktop 4 NVMe + 4 SAS/SATA mix ports Forensic unit

Extreme Performing Multiple Forensic Imaging Lab that focus on imaging of mix media.
Use the unit’ many ports to run multiple simultaneous forensic Imaging sessions with 4 HASH engines, Encryption, Compression and Keyword Search, all on the fly.
Forensic Capture Modes: Mirror, DD, E01/Ex01, mix DD/E01, AFF4, Triage of Files and Folders.
CPU – i7
4 SAS/SATA ports
10 USB3.2 ports
eSATA port
1GbE port
Purpose of use -combined all native, NVMe, SAS, SATA, and USB for mid size volume .
OS: Dual Open OS of Ubuntu/Windows 10